News|Afghanistan|15 August 2022

Afghanistan - one year on from the fall of Kabul

Street Child

The fall of Kabul on 15 August 2021 brought the biggest challenges Street Child has faced in our 25 years of operations in Afghanistan. One year on since the Taliban's return to power, we've not only sustained our reach, but expanded it: Street Child supports 83,000+ children across our programmes every day, runs 13.65% of all community based education classes in the country, with 49% of students girls, and have spent more than $4.2 million this last year to make these feats possible. We'd be nothing without our incredible 1,800+ - strong team on the ground - and to them we're immensely grateful. Our latest report captures the astronomical need in Afghanistan, what Street Child has been doing to address challenges in the country and looks ahead at the strategic goals to ensure our response continues to meet the need of the affected population.